Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign. Advertisements

April showers bring May flowered colors

National Geographic picked this crazy, colorful photo for one of its April photo of the month contest. I’m excited to see the photos because I’m participating in this race in September! I’ve been doubling my number of work-outs to prepare because this will be my first official 5k. 

Anthropologie adds extra section to its site

The famed fashion emporium makes an addition to their website. 

Low Light Photography Tips

PictureCorrect presents this awesome graphic on how to shoot better photos at night. To all my little Kaleidscope photogs running around: THIS is your guidebook to soccer. Inspiration / Low Light Photography Tips – PictureCorrect.        

Microbiologist makes art out of alcohol

It’s not often alcohol makes for a pretty picture, but for this microbiologist booze makes the best subject. Look at how beautiful these molecules become when photographed. According to the scientists behind the project, these images are generated from polarizing light through the drink while it is on a microscopic slide. Basically, they have taken … Continue reading

From Scratch Design constructs creative clutter

Welcome to the first named edition of local legends! From now one I’m going to incorporate one project from peers, colleauges, or just plain competition located within the Birmingham metro area. There’s a lot more to this town’s art, design or media scenes and its about time someone showcased it! Unofficially the first edition can … Continue reading

Worldwide audiences watch Watson

Emma Watson radiates a kind of classic English charm, and she’s grown to be a gorgeous girl. These high fashion photos don’t due her justice though. Here’s a few more of Mario Testino’s photos not featured from yesterday’s post. I realize that I’m not a fan of the art-glam photography school, but the two vertical images read … Continue reading

Emma Watson’s New Day

The last HP-Day draws near so this week’s theme features the famous fictitious boy wizard, and in honor of that I found this revealing article about the leading lady of the franchise. It always seemed that I had quite a bit in common with Emma Watson, even though obviously we’ve never met. She loves literature, … Continue reading

0to100 book by Flash Reproductions

Best in Category for Radical Production 0to100 book | Flash Reproductions.

Windham exhibit displays local life

The Birmingham Museum of Art recently opened “My Land, My People” an exhibit featuring the photographs of the well known journalist Kathryn Tucker Windham. “Well she is something of a state treasure. It is actually her 90th birthday this year so it’s a great time to celebrate her work and since we are an art … Continue reading

Quirky clicks

We got another theme week, and this time its all indie.

Anthropologie makes awesome artwork

I just got the most recent Anthropologie catalog, and even though I think thrifting is so much more fun than paying high prices at their stores all that extra money goes to great branding like these catalogs. So here is your weekly Friday Fun.

13 weekend getaways from 13 U.S. cities

Features writer Sarah Park weigh in on some quick summer tours, one of which I’ve visited. I got a job in a resort town, thinking I’d never again need weekend getaways. As it turns out, the inside of a cubicle looks pretty much the same no matter where you are. And as much as I … Continue reading