Adult Swim show adventures into savvy poster design

Since I’ve scrapped this whole install internet as New Year’s Resolution, and I’m enjoying my first “working girl” job I found a NEW New Year’s Resolution: take up printmaking. This shouldn’t be a hard thing since I work in letterpress shop. My boss and I just wrapped production on a 100+ page book which saw … Continue reading

Studio on Fire predicts a fiery end to the world

It’s no secret that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Legendary letterpress shop Studio on Fire depicts the doomsday scenario with a rather sunny outlook. Even if the star is melting the whole planet. It’s next to impossible to see the quality of a piece’s impression (the depth of the print in letterpress … Continue reading

The Bicycle Diaries

Check out this interactive feature from The New York Times featuring The Bicycle Diaries. The line work on these images is rather impressive, and it captures a vivid point of our nation’s history. While the event had such weight it makes these scenes of dometic affairs resonate so strongly. When the news picked up the … Continue reading

Houdini hat carries creative cool

All that talk about wizards last week has me thinking about real-life magician and escape artist Harry Houdini. It’s not everyday you get to see something that cool being pulled out of a designer’s hat. The patterns on the bag look like well worn vintage lace, felt and velvet which were all common fabrics of … Continue reading

Mississippi St. Lecture Series: Jessica Hische

Mississippi State Univerity Associate Professor Jude Landry tied for the Best in Offset category win. I kept telling myself that this poster looked familiar. Its on French’s blog for being on Hot Fudge, and the 2010 Print Regional Design Annual featured another of Landry’s posters. Despite my flair for bright, bold colors I really love this print. … Continue reading

Reedicus presents the Avett Brothers

This is by far one of the coolest things I’ve found on French’s Paper blog. This guy out a North Carolina works under the name Reedicus, and here is his poster for the Avett Brothers recent stop at the Azalea Festival in April. Not only is the cool choice a perfect compliment to the bright … Continue reading