▶ Coneheads Create Old-School Commercial Comedy

State Farm collides with the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary this summer. The Coneheads prove they’ve still got comedic chops, now in the 21st century, even at 3 am. You may now consume mass quantities. ▶ State Farm® Coneheads Commercial – Behind the Scenes – YouTube. Advertisements

Superbowl spots shine

The only reason why I’ve ever really watched the Super Bowl was to see the commercials. Just what would those crazy people come up with next? Well, now that I’ve joined the ranks of those “crazy” creatives the experience has become more of a case study in branding and short-form storytelling. After all one can … Continue reading

‪Dew check out these motion graphics

I’m a big fan of flat, simple illustration but this thirty second spot transitions so smoothly from one scene to the next that it gives the commercial a very nice effect. It runs together fluidly which is a good because its an ad for a soft drink so the subliminal messaging is in good taste. … Continue reading

Rowling releases Pottermore with papercrafted eye candy

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, and to celebrate this Potter author J.K. Rowling is releasing early entries to her new what I think will be fan fiction website Pottermore. While some fans may flock to the site immediately I’m more interested in the trailer. I think well constructed papercraft is one of the coolest things … Continue reading

Toward the Gleam gleans new art from old style

I am excited about Peter Jackson starting work on movie adaption of The Hobbit, because I know he won’t make a movie that requires a trailer like this. Just watch it–its quite funny in its overdramatizing. It even has a Lord of the Rings-like audio track, and decently made computer generated graphics a la Wetta … Continue reading

Who will wield the Elder Wand?

This is it. This is the end of Harry Potter. Many of you Muggles have come of age along with The Boy Who Lived, and I have too. We were a lot smaller then weren’t we? YouTube – HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 Special Content Trailer ‏.

UAB employees show their pride

My friends at Kaleidoscope found this video from the medical side of campus. I laughed until tears welled in my eyes, but that may have to do an eye infection. Enjoy! UAB employees show their pride | Inside UAB.

I Love UX Design, Part 2

Continuing last week’s Friday Fun entry with part two of the rather epic indie animation. Again this quirky illustration and old school narrative styles make these videos worth a watch. Or at least make relatives watch them so they realize what you do.

Doc to Dock “SOS: Save Our Supplies” on Vimeo

Design for a cause can somethimes be a disaster for being over emotional (“animal”). This commercial is profound without the theatrics. 

I Love UX Design, Part 1

I love the illustration style of this video, and it’s quite well written. Enjoy part one here today on Friday Fun!

Castle ‘Heats’ up ABC

It’s pyro week on Arts & Media, so bare with me. Today’s entry kicks off with the Season Three premiere of ABC’s series “Castle,” and the release of the first chapter of their related book “Heat Rises.”

Wii Would Like to Play

Although Nintendo has been a leader in gaming entertainment for years, the campaign behind the Wii was a huge success.

Nintendo 3DS at Target

While gamers may find it cool that portables are NOW IN 3D! I really could care less…still waiting for Skyward Sword guys! However, there are two great ideas at play here.

Thermos + Threadless | Inspiration on Every Bottle

Yesterday you saw the Thermos + Threadless’s interview with Aled Lewis. Take a look at this commercial.