Quirky clicks

We got another theme week, and this time its all indie.

When it comes to photography lighting is everything. And all three of these images use it to the advantage, but each in its own way.

The first photo, from left to right, establishes a sense of loneliness and desolation coupled with the deserted background despite the blur. Her face says it all. The warm tones from the sunlight nicely accents the gloomy atmosphere and the dark blue jacket hood without compromises the shot giving a good balance of light and dark.

What strikes me about the photo is that the girl is perfectly in focus while there is so much motion around her. However some of the origami is also blurred out but the strings aren’t moving, and other pieces are sharper than the others. While the motion and origami are visually interesting this was my least favorite of the three pictures. The sepia toning is almost too strong. The lightest paper sculptures seem they should be white, but they aren’t white. It makes the whole image look flat and muddy. The other pieces also look off color as does her vacant expression.

The final portrait is quite an appealing fashion photo. Her long body is accentuated by the clothes. Her languid pose filling the frame artistically. The rundown playground equipment and disheveled surrounding a useful backdrop to elegantly add emphasis to the model. Together the elements form an image of subtle luxury befitting an Anthropology catalog. I just wish the lighting wasn’t quite so soft, but not much sharper or it would easily overpower the romanticism of the photographic moment.

Looks like good Photography by Victor Eredel.


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