Worldwide audiences watch Watson

Emma Watson radiates a kind of classic English charm, and she’s grown to be a gorgeous girl. These high fashion photos don’t due her justice though. Here’s a few more of Mario Testino’s photos not featured from yesterday’s post.

I realize that I’m not a fan of the art-glam photography school, but the two vertical images read more like a mobile camera phone images of someone’s Facebook profile photo that a Vogue quality editorial spread. The faces alone are blurred from long exposure times. Does the horizontal image even look like Watson? Admittedly with the her new short haircut that makes for a difficult question, but the dark red lipstick makes her soft features look like a mask of someone else.

Watson has beautiful porcelain that doesn’t even register in the shots because the photographer blew the highlights out and the backdrop is white. It turns into a big hazy mess, and unfortunately they make up the bulk of the spread. There’s a fine line between art school cool and disaster, and Testino is flirting with it.

Undoubtedly the best image is the one used for the featured image of yesterday’s post, but the sparkly cover photo and another featuring Watson in a feathered orange frock are both electric.

His May issue photo shoot with Kate Moss uses the same effect with rather stellar results. Different lighting plays a huge factor. Scene setting is another.

Vogue Slideshow viewer.

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  1. She looks very uncomfortable as well in the first two.

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