Pepsi launches new Izze Fusions

Izze has a new flavor series.


Pepsi puts out a plethora of package designs

Throwback Thursday salutes Pepsi Cola.

Guts & Glory: Packaging pumpkin carving kits

It got chilly this week here in central Alabama. I guess that means it’s Halloween! Halloween is up there for me in my list of favorite holidays. It always has been ever since I was little. Mom made my costumes and Dad carved the pumpkins following my drawing until I was old enough to wield … Continue reading

Half Moon Orchard Gin sails smoothly

Clear bottles seems like a no-brainer for clear liquids–and even some colored ones. Designing for clear bottles creates some unique challenges. I think Fahrenheit 212 handled the copy well. Just from this shrunken photo it appears all the type is easily read, except for maybe the bottling and distribution lines. What’s important is the copy … Continue reading

Orée du Bois brings Belgium wine to the table

Look at this label. It’s well-done branding like this that makes it hard to swallow wineries going to tap. It’s sleek and simple like many other good Belgian designs. The type and color palettes are appropriately limited. There is a single typeface using a thinner, probably book, weight and the highlights are bold and in … Continue reading

Packaging pitted against taps

Packaging purveyors are put to the test recently with the trend that eliminates the classic wine bottle. Personally I can’t imagine drinking wine on tap like beer because it has to age longer to give it a richer flavor.

‘Designer’ teas make big splash

There are two reasons why UAB Asscioate Design Professor Doug Barrett now assigns students a designer to emulate. Oe reason is because the first time several people chose David Carson. The other is because so many of us chose such obscure designers we had trouble figuring out the hallmarks of another’s style. I fell into … Continue reading

POD Organic Fire Bread

Who said bread bags had to be boring?