USGA: Undergrad Slackers Governing Activities

I work at my alma mater as the office manager, but I’m still a student albeit grad school. Part of my job is to keep up with campus activities or lack thereof. This year the undergraduate student government was part of the latter, and I called them on it. As a student returning to campus … Continue reading

AAF Birmingham celebrates stunning students

Alabama university students take the floor this afternoon at Vulcan Park. A University of Alabama creative team will make their national presentation. University of Alabama at Birmingham students will be presented with scholarships for their respective wins during the 2012 ADDY Award Show.

Birmingham presents best of local advertising

Today’s edition of Friday Fun features last night’s ADDY Award Show winners. UAB students stole the show in most of the categories they entered. Yours truly walked away with a gold and a silver trophy for back-to-back winning years, but I’m not alone. Fellow partner-in-crime Brittany Fox will also be headed for a consecutive run at … Continue reading

‘Designer’ teas make big splash

There are two reasons why UAB Asscioate Design Professor Doug Barrett now assigns students a designer to emulate. Oe reason is because the first time several people chose David Carson. The other is because so many of us chose such obscure designers we had trouble figuring out the hallmarks of another’s style. I fell into … Continue reading

Students Help Redesign the Designer’s Role

As much as I like to poke fun of the Public Relations driven UAB Magazine they did something neat in the September issue. Why yes we do some really awesome things in art department, and usually don’t get any recognition for it–not that we ask mind you. It is nice to get noticed for doing something … Continue reading

Parking at UAB

Anyone who attends UAB just knows that parking is a complete pain. One of my buddies created this video while running late to our web class. Thank you Jonathan Greene. It’s hilarious, but does contain foul language. I think I’m just going to walk to school. Sorry guys. This was supposed to automatically publish at … Continue reading

UAB employees show their pride

My friends at Kaleidoscope found this video from the medical side of campus. I laughed until tears welled in my eyes, but that may have to do an eye infection. Enjoy! UAB employees show their pride | Inside UAB.