USGA: Undergrad Slackers Governing Activities

I work at my alma mater as the office manager, but I’m still a student albeit grad school. Part of my job is to keep up with campus activities or lack thereof. This year the undergraduate student government was part of the latter, and I called them on it. As a student returning to campus … Continue reading

Caped crusader’s Gotham creates grim national comparison

Ari’s Angle from MSNBC’s The Cycle takes a pop cultural reference to explain our current economic crisis, but consider this news with an obvious slant. On that note expect an On the Fly post on modern news ethics soon.

Talking to the techies

The relationship between designers and developers is a tricky one. Blake Callens at VentureBeat has some great advice for the ‘pretty picture’ people when talking to the computer geniuses that make the visuals work. Callens gives a quick run down on the lingo needed to translate the tech speak. The microchip computer was, arguably, the … Continue reading

Bale begins Batman retirement

In case you’ve been hiding in a bat cave director Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy came out on DVD yesterday. This gritty, genuinely emotional tale revels in the notion that some things are worth fighting for and to never give up. Most people remember Batman as a really goofy guy in the movies or even … Continue reading

The Dieline discusses “The Unsung Hero of Design”

Why is the art of brand design the unsung hero of the design world? We live in a culture that is more creative than ever before. The man on the street is probably more hard-wired into an appreciation of creativity and its power to transform than ever before. Fashion, architecture, product design are not just … Continue reading

‘The Hobbit’ holds successful premiere

New Zealand celebrates one of their favorite sons, Peter Jackson, today during the early premiere of ‘Lord of the Rings’ precursor ‘The Hobbit.’ Many news agencies suggest the crowds lining the streets totalled over 100000. Click here for more. Jackson spear-headed the tourism revival in his home country by exclusively film the franchise generating hordes … Continue reading

Passed up passwords

Every couple of months I see a new article on what are the top hacked passwords. Every time I see the story I do a face-palm. Why? People haven’t figured out that ‘password’ is a really easy password to break! Tuan C. Nguyen from Top 10 most ‘hacked’ passwords: ‘123456,’ ‘ninja’ In wake of last week’s security … Continue reading

Strangeness in Social Media

The theme for this week is social media hacking. Huffington Post contributor Bianca Bosker reveals startling insights on social media hacking in her article “I Was Just Friended By Myself On Facebook (And It Only Gets Weirder From There).” I got a friend request from Bianca Bosker on Wednesday night. I’m Bianca Bosker, one of just … Continue reading

Hug a Veteran!

Today is the American holiday Veteran’s Day. Show your support by hugging a veteran. These brave men and women defend our freedom sometimes with their lives so the least you can do dear reader is shake their hand.

Hurricane Sandy pounds the East Coast

The Huffington Post released this blurb about how Hurricane Sandy is popping up in the media: The story of Hurricane Sandy is largely being told through photos, in part thanks to Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app bought by Facebook this year. More than 244,000 photos have been posted to Instagram with the hashtag #sandy, according … Continue reading

Ceremony commemorates 50th anniversary of USS Arizona Memorial

It is an honor to call myself an American. Thank you to all our service personnel for continuing to protect us even though words will never be enough.

Power by Design

What kind of influence do designers actually have?

Marvel Comics creates superhero ‘Blue Ear’

Boys love their superheroes regardless of their age and this little one is no exception to the rule. Marvel Comics makes a Mom’s dream come true and her son used his new “powers” to help others. Enjoy this uplifting edition of Friday Fun.

Does Facebook Turn People Into Narcissists?

In light of Facebook going public it seems appropriate to pseudo-analyze the popular social media’s effect on the  human psyche. Yesterday this post had an immensely funny, well illustrated graphic about how likely people were to forgive you about being arrogant on Facebook, but now its gone and I feel silly but the article is … Continue reading

Language lives as a breathing part of culture

A large part of my anthropology courses was dedicated to linguistics and giving my interest in communication at large that suited me just fine. I found this article on Hey, Spellcheck can’t correct everything by itself. Peter Breugel was a pretty awesome Northern Renaissance painter, too.