Bale begins Batman retirement

In case you’ve been hiding in a bat cave director Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy came out on DVD yesterday. This gritty, genuinely emotional tale revels in the notion that some things are worth fighting for and to never give up.

Most people remember Batman as a really goofy guy in the movies or even goofier still from our parent’s television show, but the world has changed and the role has changed with it. Movies are a powerful media in reflecting our times and with it, it seems the general public has taken on a veneer of what typically describes Vietnam veterans. Gone, really, are the days of the Rambo ‘shoot-em-up.’ It is place rises Christian Bale, the man behind the cape and cowl, leading a cast that personified the dark, sinister way the world seems to work following the terrorist attacks on New York City during September 2001.

Like Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne or Daniel Craig’s James Bond this new breed of hero is haunted, hunted and must be more calculated. Batman’s bouts with Bane and the Joker are no exceptions. Indeed watching the twisted plans Bane laid out to plunge Gotham into darkness looked so similar to our current financial crisis. Replace the airplane bombs with a subway train equipped with a vaporizer over contaminated water and we see Raz al Ghul’s version of 9/11. And the Joker? The Colorado killer can stand in for him. Nolan, Bale, and co. not only struck a chord with American audiences but also with moviegoers worldwide.

His curtain call as the caped crusader could scarcely been portrayed any better. Bale you get my bet for best Batman ever even if I have a soft spot for Adam West. Nolan has said he’s done with Batman, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Bale in the rumored Justice League film. Just don’t count out the late Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. I admit I prefer him to Jack Nicholson, and many of the voice actors from the animated series are excellent as well. Below the trailer is an article that my one-time news office ran for me where I sang my praise to the second film in the trilogy, The Dark Knight.

Click here for what I thought about The Dark Knight: Joker jacks up action intensity


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  1. […] Then there’s the best Bond movie ever made. Enough said. I’ve got another tie on my hands, but this time it’s over what is on DVD. Want more hilarity like Shaun? Check out the completely insane comedy, Seven Psychopaths, about three friends who write a screenplay together. It’s a real gem of a movie featuring Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell being absolutely brilliant and even Colin Ferrell is pretty good. He’s so good he doesn’t even ruin anybody’s scenes. And well what else is there to say about Batman that I didn’t say earlier this week? […]

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