‘Wild’ at heart: Maurice Sendak dead at age 83

The beloved creator of “Where The Wild Things Are” passed away from complications from a heart attack Tuesday. Growing up with a kindergarten teacher for a mother I was constantly surrounded by the latest children’s books. “Here, read this and see if it’s pretty or interesting.” I was a rather poor critic of literature for … Continue reading

Journaling 101: A Primer for Those Who’d Like to Start a Practice for the New Year

I’ve become a fan of Moleskin products this year. Those handy little notebooks that are small enough to fit anywhere and sturdy enough to be written on without support. This fantastic little find came from my neighborhood art supply store, but they can be bought all over. In fact a rarely leave home without it … Continue reading

The Bicycle Diaries

Check out this interactive feature from The New York Times featuring The Bicycle Diaries. The line work on these images is rather impressive, and it captures a vivid point of our nation’s history. While the event had such weight it makes these scenes of dometic affairs resonate so strongly. When the news picked up the … Continue reading

Coping With 9/11, Riding on Two Wheels

  New York Times reporter Neil Genzlinger reports on life a decade later and the art book that arose from ashes. It’s hard to remember now, but in the days after the attacks of 9/11, a back-to-basics sort of thing took hold in New York. People returned to out-of-favor practices like checking up on neighbors, talking to … Continue reading

The Art of Eric Carle

via Children’s Litereature: Eric Carle.

Rowling releases Pottermore with papercrafted eye candy

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, and to celebrate this Potter author J.K. Rowling is releasing early entries to her new what I think will be fan fiction website Pottermore. While some fans may flock to the site immediately I’m more interested in the trailer. I think well constructed papercraft is one of the coolest things … Continue reading

Toward the Gleam gleans new art from old style

I am excited about Peter Jackson starting work on movie adaption of The Hobbit, because I know he won’t make a movie that requires a trailer like this. Just watch it–its quite funny in its overdramatizing. It even has a Lord of the Rings-like audio track, and decently made computer generated graphics a la Wetta … Continue reading

0to100 book by Flash Reproductions

Best in Category for Radical Production 0to100 book | Flash Reproductions.