Seventy scenes from Helloween

This just seemed like a great way to announce a Halloween party than to send out tarot cards! I may not believe in psychics and such but it’s a clever idea and there’s some really nice detailing on them. For more check out For Print Only! Advertisements

OrangeYouGlad I didn’t say Boo?!

I know people always assume “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving, or at least in America, but really it starts with Halloween. No joke. You can’t just expect to find cranberry sauce the day before the Turkey Day–so here are the holidays starting October 1–complete with an advent calendar. Here we get a glimpse of creepy … Continue reading

Studio on Fire predicts a fiery end to the world

It’s no secret that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Legendary letterpress shop Studio on Fire depicts the doomsday scenario with a rather sunny outlook. Even if the star is melting the whole planet. It’s next to impossible to see the quality of a piece’s impression (the depth of the print in letterpress … Continue reading

Holiday Card inspires resolutions worth keeping

It’s January now, and that means dusting off old New Year’s Resolutions, and trying them out again. My guess is many of them have already have been tossed to the winds. Mine was to install internet. Seeing as how today is January 22 it is safe to say I’ve forgotten it. Here’s a greeting card … Continue reading

Designing Obama

Just in time for Independence Day Arts & Media gives a Hail to the Chief. Whether you voted him into office or not, you can’t argue that President Obama’s team was as much a branding campaign as it was a presidential one, and seeing as how he won I’d say it was a marketing success. … Continue reading

Mississippi St. Lecture Series: Jessica Hische

Mississippi State Univerity Associate Professor Jude Landry tied for the Best in Offset category win. I kept telling myself that this poster looked familiar. Its on French’s blog for being on Hot Fudge, and the 2010 Print Regional Design Annual featured another of Landry’s posters. Despite my flair for bright, bold colors I really love this print. … Continue reading

0to100 book by Flash Reproductions

Best in Category for Radical Production 0to100 book | Flash Reproductions.

Great Gatsby Business Card Print

What do you get when you combine one of the ‘Great American Novels’ with one of Philly’s finest shops? Certainly no fluke. Here’s a look at For Print Only’s Best of Show winner. This self-roclaimed “Mom & Pop design shop” may feel like old school Americana but the work they present is fresh and modern … Continue reading

For Print Only Awards, Winners

For Print Only releases their judging and winners! Tune in next week to see these entries. As far as nerdy design things to do it doesn’t get much better than a day sequestered in a room replete with some of the best printed pieces from the U.S. and abroad and getting to touch them, smell them, open … Continue reading