Studio on Fire predicts a fiery end to the world

It’s no secret that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Legendary letterpress shop Studio on Fire depicts the doomsday scenario with a rather sunny outlook. Even if the star is melting the whole planet.

It’s next to impossible to see the quality of a piece’s impression (the depth of the print in letterpress lingo) in photos, but there is a reason why these guys are so popular. It isn’t easy to make death, destruction, and all-around chaos look cute, but somehow they manage it. The bright, almost neon-like hues heighten the impending doom with a sense of urgency few color palettes could muster. However, that could just be my personal association of disco signage with the end of substantial civilization.

At any rate, these illustrations are great and Studio on Fire does good work. I’m a big fan especially now that I work at letterpress shop myself.

Studio on Fire Desk Calendar – FPO: For Print Only.


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