AIGA Birmingham turns 25

What a great way to celebrate our silver anniversary than to bring in a world class designer and have her jury our first (but hopefully annual) Design for Good poster challenge! Legendary designer Luba Lukova took time out of her busy schedule to visit us here in Dixie! We had a total of 45 poster entries … Continue reading

Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign.

Adult Swim show adventures into savvy poster design

Since I’ve scrapped this whole install internet as New Year’s Resolution, and I’m enjoying my first “working girl” job I found a NEW New Year’s Resolution: take up printmaking. This shouldn’t be a hard thing since I work in letterpress shop. My boss and I just wrapped production on a 100+ page book which saw … Continue reading

Holiday Card inspires resolutions worth keeping

It’s January now, and that means dusting off old New Year’s Resolutions, and trying them out again. My guess is many of them have already have been tossed to the winds. Mine was to install internet. Seeing as how today is January 22 it is safe to say I’ve forgotten it. Here’s a greeting card … Continue reading

‪’The Help’ takes a hard look on society, softens hearts

On the surface this movie will look like a chick flick, but if its anything like the book it will about so much more. Today’s post is all about identity and branding, but not in the way I usually mean the term. Set in the 1960s Mississippi the story evolves around ‘Skeeter’ Phelan and her interest … Continue reading

Mississippi St. Lecture Series: Jessica Hische

Mississippi State Univerity Associate Professor Jude Landry tied for the Best in Offset category win. I kept telling myself that this poster looked familiar. Its on French’s blog for being on Hot Fudge, and the 2010 Print Regional Design Annual featured another of Landry’s posters. Despite my flair for bright, bold colors I really love this print. … Continue reading

Great Gatsby Business Card Print

What do you get when you combine one of the ‘Great American Novels’ with one of Philly’s finest shops? Certainly no fluke. Here’s a look at For Print Only’s Best of Show winner. This self-roclaimed “Mom & Pop design shop” may feel like old school Americana but the work they present is fresh and modern … Continue reading

Reedicus presents the Avett Brothers

This is by far one of the coolest things I’ve found on French’s Paper blog. This guy out a North Carolina works under the name Reedicus, and here is his poster for the Avett Brothers recent stop at the Azalea Festival in April. Not only is the cool choice a perfect compliment to the bright … Continue reading

Canal+ creates comedy gold

It’s summer and you know what that means for Hollywood: a string of really terrible movies that fall into seven basic categories. Five of them have been reduced to some clever, but hilariously true infographics. I just would have liked to see how they made a comedy and its tearful twin the romance into a … Continue reading