Watson wishes her audience well

No, I’m not a teen and I couldn’t care less about what went on at MTV’s Teen Choice Awards the other night. The exception is this minute long clip of the apparently new award Trailblazer given to a young talent who is already proving his or her worth with grace, poise, and an impressive portfolio. … Continue reading


INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo. R + I created this quick, but captivating, clip about how culture spreads and who it is that holds influence over it. Enjoy!

Keeping Creatives

It’s hard to get into the design business, and sometimes it’s even harder to stay in it. Nick Sambrato shares his advice at the Orlando Creative Mornings lecture last month.

The Boss bring some blues to Jimmy Fallon

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon takes the stage in one of his best impersonations yet: Neil Young.

Levine takes risks, leaves legacy

Former UAB ArtLab curator Brett Levine talks to handful of salt about his new role as curator of San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design. I know I certain enjoyed many of the exhibitions he brought to Birmingham, and I know many of those shows would never have come to Alabama without him. One of the … Continue reading

Painter Kureshi creates type by hand

Todays edition of Friday fun features the digitalization of hand painted letters. Design ‘historians’ are documenting and archiving the text, most of which is as simple as street signs and India’s equivalent of a billboard. All of this must done on a tight timescale as the paintings fade or the buildings come down. via Painter … Continue reading

Nathan Fillion casts a spell over ‘Castle’ interview

Tonight the fourth season of the ABC hit ‘Castle’ debuts with what I predict will feel more of an emotional roller coaster than all the Six Flags park put together. Leading man Nathan Fillion takes a break to talk to Maggie Furlong of AOLTV. Nathan Fillion gives good interview. It’s just a fact, although I … Continue reading

The Art of Eric Carle

via Children’s Litereature: Eric Carle.

‪’The Help’ takes a hard look on society, softens hearts

On the surface this movie will look like a chick flick, but if its anything like the book it will about so much more. Today’s post is all about identity and branding, but not in the way I usually mean the term. Set in the 1960s Mississippi the story evolves around ‘Skeeter’ Phelan and her interest … Continue reading

‘Cowboys & Aliens’ aptly named

Who would have thought that a movie featuring cowboys and aliens could be so good? Besides Joss Whedon of ‘Serenity’ that would be me. This movie has a little bit of everything, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For the second time Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford as hardass Dollarhyde) and James Bond (Daniel Craig kicking all … Continue reading

Tragic City Rollers set to torpedo Bay Girls

Hey here’s the post–the audio track file screwed up so I’ll replace it and updated it click back soon. Tragic City Rollers Jam 2011 Season Schedule «. NAME Voodoo Lily GENRE Birmingham roller derby girl president WHERE YOU’VE HEARD THEM They skate at Zamora Shrine Temple in Irondale as (skater owned and operated) derby club. WHY … Continue reading

An Interview with Steven Heller

If you’ve ever read a graphic design book chances are it was edited by Steven Heller. He runs a daily graphic blog that served as a great inspiration for Arts & Media. If his name sounds unfamiar have you heard of How, Print or Communication Arts? They’re some pretty cool publications, but if you’re a graphic … Continue reading

The Today Show, Paula Deen stops by UAB

The Today Show’s Al Roker rolled into the Magic City with 10 truckloads of relief items for survivors of the April 27 tornbados that swept through the state. Food Network celebrity Paula Deen and her family joined the NBC weatherman on campus in front of the Alys Stephens Center while the Gospel Choir performed. The … Continue reading

Under a Guise of Fiction, Realities of War

The New York Times’ Anne Goodwin Sides reveals an Ernie Pyle of our generation. A few days before Easter, people are filing into the prayer room of the Santuario de Chimayo, kneeling before homemade photo collages of uniformed soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan: New Mexico’s dead and wounded. In this early 19th-century adobe … Continue reading

Interview with Aled Lewis

Web design is great, but you cant wear a screen quite like you can wear a shirt. Here’s an interview with recent Thermos + Threadless winner English graphic designer Aled Lewis. The contest asked for a tee shirt design that could go on a Thermos, too. Happily there were lots of entries…some good and some … Continue reading