The Alienist sheds some light on mental illness

The curtain closes on season one of “The Alienist” as storylines crash together.

Candlelight makes reality a ‘Requiem’

Specters turn dreams into nightmares.

The investigation takes the road less traveled

Sarah, Laszlo, John, and the Issacsons split up to follow leads out of the city and across the country by boat, horse, and rail.

‘The Alienist’ investigates saints and sinners

The sleuths explore how privilege provides alibis.

‘The Alienist’ ascent includes one final descent

The curtain closes on one case.

Something ‘Silver,’ Something Slimy, something wicked this way comes

The man with a silver smile appears.

‘The Partnership’ is indeed fruitful

The spiderweb expands, but who is at the dark center?

‘The Alienist’ arrives on TNT

New TNT period drama stokes suspense.