Reedicus presents the Avett Brothers

This is by far one of the coolest things I’ve found on French’s Paper blog.

This guy out a North Carolina works under the name Reedicus, and here is his poster for the Avett Brothers recent stop at the Azalea Festival in April. Not only is the cool choice a perfect compliment to the bright buds of the azaleas. The slightly rough, folk-like illustration gives a viewer a ballpark guess of this new band’s sound which combines bluegrass, folk, country, and blues. The instruments depicted are also good clues and add interest without making the poster seem too literal. The typeface resembles Rodeo which has been cropping up all over on music festival posters, but its a different face and gives it a little different look. He’s even included the little ‘comma’ detail from the the band’s CD cover. I do wish I knew why he selected this playing card idea by turning the band’s Avett A into an Ace. It’s rather slick.

I’m articularly pleased that Reedicus posted photos of his process work. You’ll come to see this what makes me tick-all the behind the scenes stuff.


French Paper – Pop-Tone Whip Cream (French Paper Sample Room).


  1. Hey there AM,
    My wife shot me this link and thought maybe i could shed some light on the playing card concept.

    Boiled down it’s a take on the idea that a band is not simply made up of just one individual. Being brothers, they are very much the same person (by that i mean they were raised with the same values, apparent in their lyrics). But each of them bring so much to the table due to life’s experiences when it comes to writing music. But together they create wonderful music that is heart felt and means something to those that listen. I had hoped to create one for Bob and Joe to round out the bass/cello. Making them aces was an easy choice since it doubled as Avetts.

    Thanks for re-posting always glad to find that people appreciate my work.


    • I think the poster is awesome!

      THIS is why I do what I do. Yay! Now I know the process behind the design. Oh and the Avett’s manager was wanting to buy a couple copies of that if he hasn’t reach you yet.

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