Take a page from Page Three Hundred’s playbook

I love successful design. It’s why I packed my bags (and boxes) and moved in sunny central Florida to be a Gator! I’m currently halfway through my first year in the masters of fine art program in…drum roll please…graphic design. How’d you know?! Today I present to you Page Three Hundred via The Dieline. This … Continue reading

Red Balloons for Red Cross

How cute is this campaign? It definitely pulls at people’s pathos (emotions). It also let’s the benefactor do the legwork for them: the children are their own mini-ambassadors. It’s genius! See more at Red Cross: Balloon « Ad Pitch Blog.

‘Warm Bodies’ designs deliberately

Friday I gave you my mini-review of the new zombie comedy ‘Warm Bodies.’ It’s a must see on Valentine’s Day–action for the guys, romance for the girls, comedy for everyone, and even gross out alerts for the squeamish. Think ‘Shaun of the Dead’ + ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Now as much as I loved the movie … Continue reading

The Dieline discusses “The Unsung Hero of Design”

Why is the art of brand design the unsung hero of the design world? We live in a culture that is more creative than ever before. The man on the street is probably more hard-wired into an appreciation of creativity and its power to transform than ever before. Fashion, architecture, product design are not just … Continue reading

Orée du Bois brings Belgium wine to the table

Look at this label. It’s well-done branding like this that makes it hard to swallow wineries going to tap. It’s sleek and simple like many other good Belgian designs. The type and color palettes are appropriately limited. There is a single typeface using a thinner, probably book, weight and the highlights are bold and in … Continue reading

Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign.

Anthropologie adds extra section to its site

The famed fashion emporium makes an addition to their website. 

Surviving as a Creative in Corporate Environments

As another school year draws to a close there are several of my friends who have hit the ground running in the job market and are employed in-house as designers or creatives, and often by themselves. Such a feat is pretty cool to think that as a young 20-something to be the only one to … Continue reading

Cayenne’s Creativity casts a shadow at District ADDYs

A hearty congratulations to Cayenne Creative for taking home the Best of Show prize in the District 7 ADDY Awards. There is a considerable amount of design talent throughout town, and this bunch is consistently among the best.

Lewis leads with new stationary

Birmingham design agency Lewis Communications is also participating in Neenah’s new unSHOW, and they do so with good reasoning. 

Logorama laughs at media saturated society

Today’s installment of Friday fun features a short animated film commentating on how saturated our daily life is by brands and their iconography. It’s quite funny, but you probably wouldn’t want to turn the volume up too high at the office. via Logorama on Vimeo.

Swiss Center for Global Dialogue

t Swiss Center for Global Dialogue | Vince Frost – The Accidental Optimist.

Slacks Cologne

The Charles S. Anderson design firm does it again–this time with cologne. I really like the old school illustration style these guys bring to the table. It also goes without saying that I love the French paper products. They offer such a wide array of colors and most of them are quite resilient to cracking … Continue reading