Simple seed bead necklace

Welcome to a new Arts & Media weekly feature: Maker Monday.

School may be starting soon but in the South summer is still going strong. Learn how to make a simple seed bead necklace, or bracelet, for poolside cool.

First assemble the materials. Turquoise is always a cute color for summers. These are larger seed beads, but anything with a hole in the middle will work. For contrast there’s turquoise sea glass and complementary teal waxed thread. Remember to chose a stringing material in proportion to the bead hole. Many beads will not fit on thicker cording. For shorter lengths choose something stretchy or add a clasp. In this demonstration a fishhook has been selected.

Cut thread to desired length. Standard necklace lengths are 16, 18, and 24 inches. Measure a few extra inches to allow for closure. Fold thread in half and string on focal point beads.

To save time try removing and threading multiple beads at a time. If you pinch them the small beads will remain in a single line without falling.

After achieving the desired length add a connector piece. This one is crimped. Tie a knot right next to the fastener then tie a second knot over it. Cut the stringing material and apply a small amount of glue to the knot and quickly clamp the connector shut.

Attach a jump ring to a fastener by slightly twisting the ring sideways. Then add the ring to the crimp connector piece. Apply a second connector and fastener to the other end.

Voila! Your new piece is ready. Try different patterns and adornments.

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