Witching hour waxes nigh

Not many things scream (or cackle) Halloween like a witch. Today’s Google Doodle capitalized on the not-always-charming cauldron creatures that haunt legends and screens from the small to the silver. Hermione, Sabrina, Samantha, and Elphaba all spring to life around this time of year casting a spell over children’s hearts and imaginations. You also can’t … Continue reading

Halloween Horrorfest: Burton creations set to 80s track

I found this video just a little while ago and thought it was so ridiculous that it was funny! Oingo Boingo’s “It’s a Dead Man’s Party” looks good in claymation. Happy Halloween! For more Helloween fun check out Bloody Disgusting.

Seventy scenes from Helloween

This just seemed like a great way to announce a Halloween party than to send out tarot cards! I may not believe in psychics and such but it’s a clever idea and there’s some really nice detailing on them. For more check out For Print Only!

Halloween’s here!

Designing for kids can be a challenge. Go too cute and you’ll loose them. Go too far in the opposite direction and you get offended parents. Here’s a nice balance for an invitation to a children’s Halloween party called “Halos and Heroes.” It may be a touch too cute for me, but it’s a nice … Continue reading

Guts & Glory: Packaging pumpkin carving kits

It got chilly this week here in central Alabama. I guess that means it’s Halloween! Halloween is up there for me in my list of favorite holidays. It always has been ever since I was little. Mom made my costumes and Dad carved the pumpkins following my drawing until I was old enough to wield … Continue reading

Vintage Packaging: Halloween Goodies

How awesome is it that we’re still celebrating this holiday? I’m still counting down the days with these handy Halloween Advent Calendars! I mean sure it’s a pagan custom. And sure it’s marketed mainly by candy and cheap costume-making companies. But tell me it’s not a fun party and I’ll give it up. I bet … Continue reading

Movie monsters from pages past

In an effort to be hip, trendy, and a web destination dictionary.com released a collection of medieval monsters and such as their Halloween Horrorfest. I’m routing for Frankie myself seeing as my all-time standby Hollywood Horror Nights marathon kick-off is Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein! That and I had to write an English paper about the … Continue reading

OrangeYouGlad I didn’t say Boo?!

I know people always assume “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving, or at least in America, but really it starts with Halloween. No joke. You can’t just expect to find cranberry sauce the day before the Turkey Day–so here are the holidays starting October 1–complete with an advent calendar. Here we get a glimpse of creepy … Continue reading

Pumpkin carving capers

It’s about to be Halloween folks, so here is a fall themed edition of Friday Fun. Hope it makes you laugh! via Facebook | Mat Powell.