Witching hour waxes nigh

Not many things scream (or cackle) Halloween like a witch. Today’s Google Doodle capitalized on the not-always-charming cauldron creatures that haunt legends and screens from the small to the silver. Hermione, Sabrina, Samantha, and Elphaba all spring to life around this time of year casting a spell over children’s hearts and imaginations. You also can’t … Continue reading

‘Warm Bodies’ proves comedy isn’t (un)dead

Tired of watching the same movie all the time? Check out the fresh tale of teenage love from a zombie’s perspective! This movie had me laughing so hard it hurt, and then I laughed some more. Nice to see some fresh faces (Nick Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and Analeigh Tipton) take lead roles–especially coming from the … Continue reading

December marks my movie madness

I can’t tell you how excited I am over a couple of movies that either have recently come out or won’t come out soon enough! By far the movie people are most excited about is Star Trek, and yet this teaser trailer hasn’t inspired me. This trailer is making the next installment feel like Tom … Continue reading

Bale begins Batman retirement

In case you’ve been hiding in a bat cave director Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy came out on DVD yesterday. This gritty, genuinely emotional tale revels in the notion that some things are worth fighting for and to never give up. Most people remember Batman as a really goofy guy in the movies or even … Continue reading


While waiting impatiently for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ I found my review of the last film I wrote while interning with a local newspaper. ‘The Dark Knight’ picks up exactly where ‘Batman Begins’ left off and raises the bar on comic book movies in the process. Immediately the audience is thrown into a bank heist … Continue reading

Skyfall finds Bonds fans wanting more

Despite recent financial woes MGM finally released the teaser trailer to the highly anticipated new Bond film dubbed “Skyfall.” 

novum narrates printing processes without words

Despite the dire warnings of print is dying it isn’t going anywhere for a while. It’s just shifting. Print is getting more creative and becoming more of a fine art. Just look at this video on the making of the November issue of German/English magazine novum.

Logorama laughs at media saturated society

Today’s installment of Friday fun features a short animated film commentating on how saturated our daily life is by brands and their iconography. It’s quite funny, but you probably wouldn’t want to turn the volume up too high at the office. via Logorama on Vimeo.

‘Princess Bride’ Cast Reunites on ‘Good Morning America’

Sometimes there are movies that are rather inconcievable. “Transformers” comes to mind. Then there are movies that grow into classics. “The Princess Bride” is one of those movies that achieves cult classic status. The flick is sharp, witty, funny, and full of swashbuckling action that puts over-the-top explosions to shame. Perhaps that is the film’s … Continue reading

‪’The Help’ takes a hard look on society, softens hearts

On the surface this movie will look like a chick flick, but if its anything like the book it will about so much more. Today’s post is all about identity and branding, but not in the way I usually mean the term. Set in the 1960s Mississippi the story evolves around ‘Skeeter’ Phelan and her interest … Continue reading

‘Harry Potter’ hits box office records where it hurts

I lied. Here’s another post about ‘Potter,’ but film buffs will appreciate the report. Now only James Cameron has something on these guys. It wasn’t pirates. It wasn’t giant machines. It wasn’t even aliens, cowboys, mutants or sharks that cast a spell over the box office this summer. Harry Potter takes the reigns for the highest grossing franchise … Continue reading

Lucy, I’m Home!

Google does a great job with its Doodles, and today’s changeup is no exception honoring actress Lucille Ball. I’m no coding whiz kid, but I would imagine that incorporating multiple video clips into the that television set was not a quick job, and yet it works so well for what they were trying to convey. … Continue reading

Harajuku Performance

This week’s edition of Friday fun sees a superbly illustrated video on type design. It fascinates me as to how they blended the letterforms together to create the shapes. I nearly always like it when a designer employs text as image, because it takes quite a bit of practice to assemble type in such a … Continue reading

‘Cowboys & Aliens’ aptly named

Who would have thought that a movie featuring cowboys and aliens could be so good? Besides Joss Whedon of ‘Serenity’ that would be me. This movie has a little bit of everything, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For the second time Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford as hardass Dollarhyde) and James Bond (Daniel Craig kicking all … Continue reading

Penultimate Potter Flick Passable

For the last decade audiences have watched a handful of children grow up on the silver screen as students in a surreal school of sorcery. Now as the reach adulthood their considerable talents blossom, and none here more fully that of Matthew Lewis fulfilling the role of Neville Longbottom. He, not Harry, is the hero … Continue reading