Skyfall finds Bonds fans wanting more

Despite recent financial woes MGM finally released the teaser trailer to the highly anticipated new Bond film dubbed “Skyfall.” 

Fortunately, Daniel Craig reprises the role as 007. From the limited viewing it seems the man has more reason to use his license to kill and that together he and M are likely continuing their campaign against Quantum, albeit a new breed. It also appears that Bond must continue to go rogue. Enjoy fellow action junkies! I can’t wait for the full trailer.

In the meantime, notice the tight pacing. It has lots of cuts to give a brief, but detailed survey of what’s to come. We see many different scenarios so the story has to be as grandiose as its predecessors. At the same time they haven’t tipped their hand by really telling us anything we don’t already expect from a Bond film.

The suspense is murder. That is very much the point. Compare the loud bass with the visuals. It has been tightly edited to emphasize Craig’s gunshots, draw attention to the caskets and enhance the subsequent window shots and footfalls. Even though its just a trailer the symbiosis of audio and visual as a kind of mini masterpiece. Some full feature films don’t even achieve that … *ahem* “Collateral” anyone?

Additionally, I appreciate their use of Neutra as the typeface out of which they built the word mark.

SKYFALL – Official Teaser Trailer – YouTube.



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