Journaling 101: A Primer for Those Who’d Like to Start a Practice for the New Year

I’ve become a fan of Moleskin products this year. Those handy little notebooks that are small enough to fit anywhere and sturdy enough to be written on without support. This fantastic little find came from my neighborhood art supply store, but they can be bought all over. In fact a rarely leave home without it … Continue reading

From Scratch Design constructs creative clutter

Welcome to the first named edition of local legends! From now one I’m going to incorporate one project from peers, colleauges, or just plain competition located within the Birmingham metro area. There’s a lot more to this town’s art, design or media scenes and its about time someone showcased it! Unofficially the first edition can … Continue reading

Recycled Rabbit

WANTED: Somebunny to love this cute piece of patriotic plastic. This little guy is made up of some old shopping bags, stuffed with discarded bubble wrap and held together with clear tape. Put a few rocks in the feet to leave on the front porch for fireworks and festivities or as a reminder to drop … Continue reading