Parallax propels multifaceted news

Web design has made reporting more savvy in the new millennium.


Talking to the techies

The relationship between designers and developers is a tricky one. Blake Callens at VentureBeat has some great advice for the ‘pretty picture’ people when talking to the computer geniuses that make the visuals work. Callens gives a quick run down on the lingo needed to translate the tech speak. The microchip computer was, arguably, the … Continue reading

‘Warm Bodies’ designs deliberately

Friday I gave you my mini-review of the new zombie comedy ‘Warm Bodies.’ It’s a must see on Valentine’s Day–action for the guys, romance for the girls, comedy for everyone, and even gross out alerts for the squeamish. Think ‘Shaun of the Dead’ + ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Now as much as I loved the movie … Continue reading

Web notes for today’s test

Hello web gang here’s a brief rundown of our test today. Test Thursday .class body img# i.     tr 3iD 3. Multi class = heart ie6 = 2014 files = /png css html 8. Knoiw where css resides <Header> .css java ? </header> <body></body> <ul></ul> <ol> <li>milk</li> <li>butter></li> <li>eggs></li> </ol> Nav ul = suckerfish Spry = … Continue reading

Adobe Muse inspires easier web design

I admit I’m still not too good at coding websites even if this site is doing rather well for no more than it has been running. I don’t know if its just me, or has quite a steep learning curve, or if there were just way too many people in my web design class for … Continue reading

Lucy, I’m Home!

Google does a great job with its Doodles, and today’s changeup is no exception honoring actress Lucille Ball. I’m no coding whiz kid, but I would imagine that incorporating multiple video clips into the that television set was not a quick job, and yet it works so well for what they were trying to convey. … Continue reading

From Scratch Design constructs creative clutter

Welcome to the first named edition of local legends! From now one I’m going to incorporate one project from peers, colleauges, or just plain competition located within the Birmingham metro area. There’s a lot more to this town’s art, design or media scenes and its about time someone showcased it! Unofficially the first edition can … Continue reading

Emma Watson’s New Day

The last HP-Day draws near so this week’s theme features the famous fictitious boy wizard, and in honor of that I found this revealing article about the leading lady of the franchise. It always seemed that I had quite a bit in common with Emma Watson, even though obviously we’ve never met. She loves literature, … Continue reading

Philadelphia loves Hoefler

There’s a only few things I’m really picky about when it comes to good website design: navigation and clarity. has both. The rotating banner photos do a great job of bringing a user in immediately, and it does a nice job of displaying the city highlights. After all, a visitor bureau website is hardly … Continue reading

Google Doodle shines a light on the sun, Japanese artist

I’m a huge fan of Google Doodles and today’s summer solstice drawing by Takashi Murakami is no exception. It seems fitting to bring in a contemporary artist who works in such eye-poggingly bright colors to do a summer sketch. This vivid hues are so quintessentially Japanese, long before Gwen Stefani thought about pulling inspiration from … Continue reading

Content Strategy: Optimizing Your Efforts for Success

Smashing Magazine’s Allie Gray offers advice on building a savvy web brand. Content strategy is a beast with many heads, names and trajectories. To approach it is to be sucked in full force. Even so, as crucial as content strategy is, conveying its gravity to a big audience, or to key administrators, is often hard. … Continue reading