Simple seed bead necklace

Make a bracelet on the fly in our first Maker Monday post.


Style in Spade

Arts and Media takes a look back at a few of Kate Spade’s best bags in honor of the late designer that started the fashion staple. This glamorous golden clutch made utilitarian silhouettes stunning. The material alone created interest, but when combined with the texture from the folds, it creates a sublime bag. As business … Continue reading

Designer Kate Spade found dead

Iconic fashion accessory designer Kate Spade has been reportedly found dead today in her New York City home. Earlier this morning her housekeeper discovered Spade, born in Kansas City, Missouri, as Katherine Noel Brosnahan, unconsciousness and called emergency services. Officials suspect her death was a suicide from the note found on the premises. She was … Continue reading

‘Hogwarts Mystery’ misses the mark

Did you get an owl?

Designers ‘RANT’

Theoretical Thursday’s returns to Arts and Media.

Opal House outdoes home designer dreams

Today Target launches new line Opal House.

Parallax propels multifaceted news

Web design has made reporting more savvy in the new millennium.

Pepsi launches new Izze Fusions

Izze has a new flavor series.

Pepsi puts out a plethora of package designs

Throwback Thursday salutes Pepsi Cola.

Priez gets the lead out of lettering

Welcome to the ninth edition of Theoretical Thursdays this summer. For the previous article click here. This week takes a look at a French freelance type designer.  Calligrapher and type designer Julien Priez lettered a series of compositions in 2011 based around the idea of The Boogy Paper. This followed his success the year before when he graduated with an … Continue reading

Benetton bumbles Pieta AIDS Campaign

Welcome to the eighth edition of Theoretical Thursdays this summer. For the previous article click here. This week takes a look at the many controversies of United Colors of Benetton.  The fashion house United Colors of Benetton has spent the last few decades under critical fire for their often controversial advertising campaigns. One of the first examples of … Continue reading

Copyright conflicts create chaos

Seen here as the logo from 1975 the NBC color block “N” cost the National Broadcasting Company some serious cash. This short-lived abstract N logo was first unveiled on October 1975 and premiered on-air January 1, 1976, nicknamed the “Trapezoid N”.  In 1976, a lawsuit was issued by a public television broadcaster in Nebraska named Nebraska … Continue reading

Play Major Scales on Your New Stemware

Remember that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock plays the wine glasses onstage at The Alamo? (No? Well thanks to YouTube the clip is below.) Well, now you can make your own stemware sing right in the comfort of your own home. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses |

Take a page from Page Three Hundred’s playbook

I love successful design. It’s why I packed my bags (and boxes) and moved in sunny central Florida to be a Gator! I’m currently halfway through my first year in the masters of fine art program in…drum roll please…graphic design. How’d you know?! Today I present to you Page Three Hundred via The Dieline. This … Continue reading

Quick Mistletoes

While on my lunch break I was telling my co-workers about this web-comic I used to read when I was a freshman in college. It shows my age that author Katie Tiedrich was in high school at the time and now she’s about to graduate from college. *sigh* This girl has comic chops even though … Continue reading