Opal House outdoes home designer dreams

I admit it. I am a jewel tone junkie.

Therefore today I am excited to announce that Target’s new home decor line Opal House has officially launched.

The many comparisons already made to Anthropologie are accurate assessments. Vivid color palettes, lush textures and matte metallic finishes make up the 556-piece launch collection.

Here are five of my favorite things from under $30:

Plastic Tumbler, top: $2. Anthropologie, bottom image, is known for its vintage-meets-modern aesthetic. Indeed what brought me to the brand was their showroom mix of antiques and current collections; all of which reminded me of summers spent on my great-grandparents’ farm. Here Target recreated the look for a shoestring millennial budget by crafting products out of cheaper materials. Buyers can get a five piece Target set for the cost of one Anthropologie glass.

Orange Ikat Towels: $10-$13. The texture alone reminds me of vintage bath towels; meanwhile, bold use of color on such a small space is makes a big statement in a bathroom. Plus, towels can be changed easily to switch out whole styles. Just be prepared to hunt through the entire towel aisle looking for a matching washcloth.

Gold Peacock Figurine: $15. This gold bird is quite literally as pretty as a peacock. The carving is nice, but the repetition of the peacock motif throughout the entire collection is a fun spin on home coordinates.

Macrame Basket: $20. Decorative baskets are still a popular storage trend, but these open weave baskets still get to show off all the gorgeous textiles tossed inside.

Round Velvet Pleated Floor Pillow: $30. These pillows are two feet in diameter of soft, squishy comfort. Available in three colors, teal, pink and black, the six-inch-deep pillows provide quick seating without taking up space.

Opal House follows the launch of Target’s fashion lines A New Day and Goodfellow & Co aimed at young professionals who want fun fashion but don’t want to waste time going store-to-store to get it or pay for pricey pieces.

For now it seems the hippie-chic home interiors trend made popular by Anthropologie is here to stay while Target proves it’s new brand refocus on the ‘millennial-on-the-move’ has come to every corner of the retail juggernaut.

Click here to view the collection.

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