Passed up passwords

Every couple of months I see a new article on what are the top hacked passwords. Every time I see the story I do a face-palm. Why? People haven’t figured out that ‘password’ is a really easy password to break! Tuan C. Nguyen from Top 10 most ‘hacked’ passwords: ‘123456,’ ‘ninja’ In wake of last week’s security … Continue reading

The Art of Eric Carle

via Children’s Litereature: Eric Carle.

Low Light Photography Tips

PictureCorrect presents this awesome graphic on how to shoot better photos at night. To all my little Kaleidscope photogs running around: THIS is your guidebook to soccer. Inspiration / Low Light Photography Tips – PictureCorrect.        

Canal+ creates comedy gold

It’s summer and you know what that means for Hollywood: a string of really terrible movies that fall into seven basic categories. Five of them have been reduced to some clever, but hilariously true infographics. I just would have liked to see how they made a comedy and its tearful twin the romance into a … Continue reading

An Ode to Adams

The guide had “Don’t Panic” in large, friendly letters on the front.