Passed up passwords

Every couple of months I see a new article on what are the top hacked passwords. Every time I see the story I do a face-palm. Why? People haven’t figured out that ‘password’ is a really easy password to break!  from

Top 10 most ‘hacked’ passwords: ‘123456,’ ‘ninja’

In wake of last week’s security breach that compromised the accounts of over 450,000 Yahoo! users, an IT security firm has used the data to compile a list of the most hacked online passwords.

And, not so coincidentally, the combinations also happen to be the same ones that are the easiest-to-remember and most frequently used. These include classics such as “123456,” “password,” and “welcome.”

This article has some color-coded, concise graphics to illustrate the point which is helpful to me as a visual communicator but also to quickly disseminate the in-depth data. Plus, the post lets me geek out of infographics and design at the same time!

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