Opal House outdoes home designer dreams

Today Target launches new line Opal House.


Play Major Scales on Your New Stemware

Remember that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock plays the wine glasses onstage at The Alamo? (No? Well thanks to YouTube the clip is below.) Well, now you can make your own stemware sing right in the comfort of your own home. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses | Foodiggity.com.

Slacks Cologne

The Charles S. Anderson design firm does it again–this time with cologne. I really like the old school illustration style these guys bring to the table. It also goes without saying that I love the French paper products. They offer such a wide array of colors and most of them are quite resilient to cracking … Continue reading

Fire Design ignites new safety trend

Never fear the flame again with these kitchen safety gadgets.

Ferris Bueller Board Game

For more information click Ferris Bueller Board Game.

Thermos + Threadless | Inspiration on Every Bottle

Yesterday you saw the Thermos + Threadless’s interview with Aled Lewis. Take a look at this commercial.

SD Coffee Cup

Get a Monday morning jolt! I realize that I may be an endangered species by not liking coffee, but this is pretty awesome packaging. The rich brown is an excellent idea since it mimics the color of the coffee. I think it is great idea that the designer/design team used something lowbrow like cardboard for … Continue reading

Féerie: Van Cleef & Arpels

While I think that this bottle is a little too decorative and fragile, the piece is still successful because as a perfume bottle it is not a product that will see major wear and tear. The packaging has a very dreamlike quality in the silver paper and navy ink. It’s quite possible to imagine the … Continue reading