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Simple seed bead necklace

Make a bracelet on the fly in our first Maker Monday post.

Sink your face into these shoes

#CamoKitty loves shoes.

Style in Spade

Arts and Media takes a look back at a few of Kate Spade’s best bags in honor of the late designer that started the fashion staple. This glamorous golden clutch made utilitarian silhouettes stunning. The material alone created interest, but when combined with the texture from the folds, it creates a sublime bag. As business … Continue reading

CNN is broadcasting a special memorial program tonight at 10pm EST.

Designer Kate Spade found dead

Iconic fashion accessory designer Kate Spade has been reportedly found dead today in her New York City home. Earlier this morning her housekeeper discovered Spade, born in Kansas City, Missouri, as Katherine Noel Brosnahan, unconsciousness and called emergency services. Officials suspect her death was a suicide from the note found on the premises. She was … Continue reading

‘Rudi Can’t Fail’

The Clash’s lyrics were prophetic. Just ask Rudi Giuliani.

Huntsville Havoc heads to TopGolf tonight

Join the 2018 SPHL champs on the first floor.

‘Hogwarts Mystery’ misses the mark

Did you get an owl?

Designers ‘RANT’

Theoretical Thursday’s returns to Arts and Media.

Huntsville Havoc head to game 3

The Huntsville Havoc scored in overtime tonight beating the Mississippi RiverKings 4-3.

Friday (the 13th) Fun

It’s a Friday Fun, Friday the 13th edition.

Facebook has full reach of data

The New York Times tech editor walks readers through just how much information is available from Facebook.

Real ‘Spaceforce’ investigates black holes

Having an active military in Earth’s atmosphere is a thing of the future but astronomers like Chuck Hailey are making the future a much closer reality. NASA scientists have been watching the black holes of the Milky Way galaxy for decades but now researchers have gathered enough data to make new theories as to how … Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes gets ‘ReBooted’

The 90s cult classic cartoon’s pop culture parodies comprise this Tuesday Tunes list.

Opal House outdoes home designer dreams

Today Target launches new line Opal House.