‘Hogwarts Mystery’ misses the mark

Did you get an owl?


Witching hour waxes nigh

Not many things scream (or cackle) Halloween like a witch. Today’s Google Doodle capitalized on the not-always-charming cauldron creatures that haunt legends and screens from the small to the silver. Hermione, Sabrina, Samantha, and Elphaba all spring to life around this time of year casting a spell over children’s hearts and imaginations. You also can’t … Continue reading

Watson wishes her audience well

No, I’m not a teen and I couldn’t care less about what went on at MTV’s Teen Choice Awards the other night. The exception is this minute long clip of the apparently new award Trailblazer given to a young talent who is already proving his or her worth with grace, poise, and an impressive portfolio. … Continue reading

Penultimate Potter Flick Passable

For the last decade audiences have watched a handful of children grow up on the silver screen as students in a surreal school of sorcery. Now as the reach adulthood their considerable talents blossom, and none here more fully that of Matthew Lewis fulfilling the role of Neville Longbottom. He, not Harry, is the hero … Continue reading

Potter Puppet Pals

The abbreviated version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.” I might add that this was made before the book was released. I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Friday fun from the Potter Puppet Pals. I’ve got one more Harry Potter themed entry for Arts & Media, and then I’ll put it … Continue reading

Who will wield the Elder Wand?

This is it. This is the end of Harry Potter. Many of you Muggles have come of age along with The Boy Who Lived, and I have too. We were a lot smaller then weren’t we? YouTube – HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2 Special Content Trailer ‏.

Worldwide audiences watch Watson

Emma Watson radiates a kind of classic English charm, and she’s grown to be a gorgeous girl. These high fashion photos don’t due her justice though. Here’s a few more of Mario Testino’s photos not featured from yesterday’s post. I realize that I’m not a fan of the art-glam photography school, but the two vertical images read … Continue reading

Emma Watson’s New Day

The last HP-Day draws near so this week’s theme features the famous fictitious boy wizard, and in honor of that I found this revealing article about the leading lady of the franchise. It always seemed that I had quite a bit in common with Emma Watson, even though obviously we’ve never met. She loves literature, … Continue reading