People Too creates papercrafted pretties

I may work solely on digital projects now, but there’s no replacing the tactility of paper and the construction of physical objects. It’s amazing that people can still create such precise work without the aide of computer generated graphics. Just look at how detailed the pieces are and knowing that it was all done by … Continue reading

Pumpkin carving capers

It’s about to be Halloween folks, so here is a fall themed edition of Friday Fun. Hope it makes you laugh! via Facebook | Mat Powell.

Z is for Ziggurat

Today’s post comes in a little late, but for good reason. It’s been so rainy today I haven’t ben able to shoot the pictures until now. Take a look at my metalsmithing final I turned in this week. We established last month that I’m more like to use a font from the Hoefler type foundry … Continue reading

They’ve lost their marbles

This thing is probably one of the single coolest dining tables I have ever seen, but I sure don’t want to know how much it costs. Anyways, this would definately be a conversation piece in anyone’s household, but reading that it’s carved from maple wood I would imagine it doesn’t come cheap. The craftmanship alone … Continue reading