Slacks Cologne

The Charles S. Anderson design firm does it again–this time with cologne.

I really like the old school illustration style these guys bring to the table. It also goes without saying that I love the French paper products. They offer such a wide array of colors and most of them are quite resilient to cracking during scoring and folding.

Naming a cologne something like “Slacks” immediately projects a certain kind of imagery, at least to me, that hearkens back to the 1950s. Today’s workplace dresscode often includes jeans, but in my grandfather’s company men wore slacks. The illustration reminds me of him, actually of both my grandfathers, but only one of them smoked a pipe like the one drawn. I can smell the scent of his tobacco just by looking at the pipe. I imagine Slacks smells something like it, too.

The Fifties was also an age of aftershave. It is no surprise that CSA should make a fragrance, such a thing was nearly mandatory of respectable men of the day. Donning the name Slacks allows the copywriters to really wear the pants for this project, and they look fabulous in them. Corduroy and tweed were common fabrics then but its the tongue-in-cheek of describing where to wear the cologne. Clever branding sells a lifestyle, not a product, and lots of lifestyles have te need to feel sexy.

Despite the fact that the type is running both across and down the packaging it still remains a cohesive by varying the size, orientation, and color. The placesment of the words “arms, and” across the “K” is a nice touch. The type palette reminds me heavily of newspaper headlines from the decade, too. The mint green was another prevalent design element, and it was all over my grandparents’ house, too.

Slacks Cologne  – – Package Design Blog.

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