Word as Image

Because its too nasty out do anything outside today this week’s Friday Fun is a typographic challenge: turn a word into an image. Here are some examples from the creators of the book Word as Image. Word as Image – YouTube. Advertisements

‪Dew check out these motion graphics

I’m a big fan of flat, simple illustration but this thirty second spot transitions so smoothly from one scene to the next that it gives the commercial a very nice effect. It runs together fluidly which is a good because its an ad for a soft drink so the subliminal messaging is in good taste. … Continue reading

Is ‘Here’ Really Gone?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: this is my favorite song, and the video isn’t too bad. It features some college aged people living their lives out loud while everyone else is moving so fast through the world they’ve becoming blurs. Time flows rapidly. It’s kind of like a metaphor for so many … Continue reading

Lucy, I’m Home!

Google does a great job with its Doodles, and today’s changeup is no exception honoring actress Lucille Ball. I’m no coding whiz kid, but I would imagine that incorporating multiple video clips into the that television set was not a quick job, and yet it works so well for what they were trying to convey. … Continue reading

Harajuku Performance

This week’s edition of Friday fun sees a superbly illustrated video on type design. It fascinates me as to how they blended the letterforms together to create the shapes. I nearly always like it when a designer employs text as image, because it takes quite a bit of practice to assemble type in such a … Continue reading

Rowling releases Pottermore with papercrafted eye candy

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, and to celebrate this Potter author J.K. Rowling is releasing early entries to her new what I think will be fan fiction website Pottermore. While some fans may flock to the site immediately I’m more interested in the trailer. I think well constructed papercraft is one of the coolest things … Continue reading

Potter Puppet Pals

The abbreviated version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.” I might add that this was made before the book was released. I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Friday fun from the Potter Puppet Pals. I’ve got one more Harry Potter themed entry for Arts & Media, and then I’ll put it … Continue reading

Floating Futures‬‏

This week’s edition of Friday Fun comes in with some local flavor. My close friend and recent UAB graduate Jackie Stafford‘s recent stop motion animation short film ‘Floating Futures’ is quite an accomplishment in craft. You have to commend her for being able to stay sane enough to cut out all those tiny pieces. And … Continue reading

Google Guitar Hero

Google honors legendary guitar pioneer Les Paul with his own doodle again today in memory of what would have been his 96th birthday. Google’s keeping it for another day due to the popularity of the design. You have to give the guys credit they do addictive work. Post your clips here on Arts & Media. … Continue reading

I Love UX Design, Part 2

Continuing last week’s Friday Fun entry with part two of the rather epic indie animation. Again this quirky illustration and old school narrative styles make these videos worth a watch. Or at least make relatives watch them so they realize what you do.

I Love UX Design, Part 1

I love the illustration style of this video, and it’s quite well written. Enjoy part one here today on Friday Fun!

Nintendo 3DS at Target

While gamers may find it cool that portables are NOW IN 3D! I really could care less…still waiting for Skyward Sword guys! However, there are two great ideas at play here.