Pepsi launches new Izze Fusions

Izze has a new flavor series.


Priez gets the lead out of lettering

Welcome to the ninth edition of Theoretical Thursdays this summer. For the previous article click here. This week takes a look at a French freelance type designer.  Calligrapher and type designer Julien Priez lettered a series of compositions in 2011 based around the idea of The Boogy Paper. This followed his success the year before when he graduated with an … Continue reading

Benetton bumbles Pieta AIDS Campaign

Welcome to the eighth edition of Theoretical Thursdays this summer. For the previous article click here. This week takes a look at the many controversies of United Colors of Benetton.  The fashion house United Colors of Benetton has spent the last few decades under critical fire for their often controversial advertising campaigns. One of the first examples of … Continue reading

Seventy scenes from Helloween

This just seemed like a great way to announce a Halloween party than to send out tarot cards! I may not believe in psychics and such but it’s a clever idea and there’s some really nice detailing on them. For more check out For Print Only!

Vintage Packaging: Halloween Goodies

How awesome is it that we’re still celebrating this holiday? I’m still counting down the days with these handy Halloween Advent Calendars! I mean sure it’s a pagan custom. And sure it’s marketed mainly by candy and cheap costume-making companies. But tell me it’s not a fun party and I’ll give it up. I bet … Continue reading

OrangeYouGlad I didn’t say Boo?!

I know people always assume “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving, or at least in America, but really it starts with Halloween. No joke. You can’t just expect to find cranberry sauce the day before the Turkey Day–so here are the holidays starting October 1–complete with an advent calendar. Here we get a glimpse of creepy … Continue reading

‘Warm Bodies’ designs deliberately

Friday I gave you my mini-review of the new zombie comedy ‘Warm Bodies.’ It’s a must see on Valentine’s Day–action for the guys, romance for the girls, comedy for everyone, and even gross out alerts for the squeamish. Think ‘Shaun of the Dead’ + ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Now as much as I loved the movie … Continue reading

Power by Design

What kind of influence do designers actually have?

Chocolate Date: May 20

Chocolate Date: May 20 My best friend started a coffee date column. I detest the thought of coffee, but liked the idea. So I’ve dubbed mine the chocolate date. So here’s the ramblings of a 20-something transplant in the South. Grab a cupcake and a stool and we’ll chat.

New York drizzles designers with inspiration

I don’t usually write on the weekends but this one is an exception. Today marks  the opening of the second New York Design Week. And yes I know New York seems to make up whole week themes to have a bunch of parties, but I’m really jealous I’m too broke to jet up there to … Continue reading

novum narrates printing processes without words

Despite the dire warnings of print is dying it isn’t going anywhere for a while. It’s just shifting. Print is getting more creative and becoming more of a fine art. Just look at this video on the making of the November issue of German/English magazine novum.

AAF Birmingham celebrates stunning students

Alabama university students take the floor this afternoon at Vulcan Park. A University of Alabama creative team will make their national presentation. University of Alabama at Birmingham students will be presented with scholarships for their respective wins during the 2012 ADDY Award Show.

Orée du Bois brings Belgium wine to the table

Look at this label. It’s well-done branding like this that makes it hard to swallow wineries going to tap. It’s sleek and simple like many other good Belgian designs. The type and color palettes are appropriately limited. There is a single typeface using a thinner, probably book, weight and the highlights are bold and in … Continue reading

Packaging pitted against taps

Packaging purveyors are put to the test recently with the trend that eliminates the classic wine bottle. Personally I can’t imagine drinking wine on tap like beer because it has to age longer to give it a richer flavor.

Surviving as a Creative in Corporate Environments

As another school year draws to a close there are several of my friends who have hit the ground running in the job market and are employed in-house as designers or creatives, and often by themselves. Such a feat is pretty cool to think that as a young 20-something to be the only one to … Continue reading