Style in Spade

Arts and Media takes a look back at a few of Kate Spade’s best bags in honor of the late designer that started the fashion staple.

This glamorous golden clutch made utilitarian silhouettes stunning. The material alone created interest, but when combined with the texture from the folds, it creates a sublime bag.

As business grew Spade ventures into other bags such as messenger totes and mini-backpacks such as this adorable creature.

Spade created this early-00s tote from bright pink patent leather tote opting out of the coated nylon out of which she typically created her bags.

Left: The original Sam bag that launched Kate Spade’s career in 1993. Right: An anniversary bag set for release this summer.

The Kate Spade brand is turning 25 this year. Coach is celebrating the milestone by reissuing the iconic Sam bag in fun, new patterns.

The original bag was designed to be a smash success. It’s sleek shape and minimal detailing adds an element to nearly any outfit. Indeed a quick change of clothes or accessories take this classic handbag from work to play and back.

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