Illinoise Final Draft


Beer Barrel Bedroom brings new meaning to recycling

The Beer Barrel Bedroom belongs to that category of artworks that take recycling to its next level. Carved out of a genuine 19th century beer barrel, the bed awaits your visit at a rentable room in Ostbevern, Germany. This is rather genius. I bet the aroma is pleasant.

F.B.I. Says It Has Clues in ’90 Boston Art Heist

The F.B.I. said Monday that it believes it knows the identity of the thieves who stole 13 paintings 23 years ago from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, one of the most infamous art heists in history. Officials from the F.B.I. said they believed that the paintings were moved through Connecticut and the Philadelphia … Continue reading

Alexa Meade masters old world techniques in a digital age

In the age of Photoshop just about anything can be created digitally from UFOs to complete paintings. But is digital painting really painting? Vassar art alumna Alexa Meade, shown right, seems to not only go back to what it means to be an artist, but doing it without the aide of digital tools. Although this … Continue reading

People Too creates papercrafted pretties

I may work solely on digital projects now, but there’s no replacing the tactility of paper and the construction of physical objects. It’s amazing that people can still create such precise work without the aide of computer generated graphics. Just look at how detailed the pieces are and knowing that it was all done by … Continue reading

Doodle 4 Google winner should giggle with glee

Creativity is an essential part of humanity. It brightens my day that these kids are doing such great work at such an early age!

Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign.

‘Wild’ at heart: Maurice Sendak dead at age 83

The beloved creator of “Where The Wild Things Are” passed away from complications from a heart attack Tuesday. Growing up with a kindergarten teacher for a mother I was constantly surrounded by the latest children’s books. “Here, read this and see if it’s pretty or interesting.” I was a rather poor critic of literature for … Continue reading

April showers bring May flowered colors

National Geographic picked this crazy, colorful photo for one of its April photo of the month contest. I’m excited to see the photos because I’m participating in this race in September! I’ve been doubling my number of work-outs to prepare because this will be my first official 5k. 

Anthropologie adds extra section to its site

The famed fashion emporium makes an addition to their website. 

Keith Haring: Painter, activist, and one of the original street artists

When I was enrolled in a contemporary art class one of my favorite artists was Keith Haring because he wasn’t afraid to try new mediums especially with video and what we now call street art. From a design standing I am indebted Haring and fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Barbara Kruger for creating the concept … Continue reading

‘The Scream’ Is Auctioned for a Record $119.9 Million

Several of my favorite painters come from the Impressionist/Expressionist era including Edvard Munch. Their innovative use of color, stroke and layering inspires much of my own design work. This week the pastel (one of my favorite media) sketch from “The Scream” sold for an amazing sum of money at Sootherby’s. I’m glad the finished canvas … Continue reading

And the winner is…

The 1st Emerging Designer Showcase was a success! Thank you to all of the participants, guests, and judges. We will be having one of these again most likely in October. See you then.

Emerging Designer Showcase revealed

So who is the big winner? Come by and check it out. AIGA Birmingham presents an Emerging Designer Showcase April 1 from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. at Matthew’s Bar and Grill, 2208 Morris Ave., Birmingham. sponsored by AIGA Birmingham, Forstall Art Supply Center and Matthew’s Bar and Grill. The juried show will spotlight up-and-coming talent … Continue reading

The Judges Results…

I am proud to say that the work in the showcase is going to be awesome! We’ve got some real talent and I only see it getting bigger and better. I would like to thank each of our judges: Marion Powers, Sara Cannon and Anna Dembo.