Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign.

Take a look at this campaign. It takes a bold stance, but rather than using the mudslinging and muck-racking prevalent in political advertising both parties are sublimely represented. The Democrats are displayed by a smartly dressed woman complete with donkey mask while an overweight, elephant-headed man in a suit represents the Republicans. Ironically, the Republicans are placed on the left and the Democrats are on the right contrary to the expressions “right-wing” and “left-wing.”

What makes this campaign so striking is the dark, dramatic quality of the photographs. The entire scene is moody, but not in a snotty adolescent way. And at the same time it is just that. The table is set rather regally like a classical still life found in Baroque paintings. The stylized shadows remind me of Caravaggio, who was known for challenging authority.

While the atmosphere is highbrow there is still the spattered food, too. Reducing our nation’s leaders and Washington lobbyists to a favorite scene from Animal House just might drive the point home. We can only hope.

Pigheaded Demopublicans — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers.


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