April showers bring May flowered colors

National Geographic picked this crazy, colorful photo for one of its April photo of the month contest. I’m excited to see the photos because I’m participating in this race in September! I’ve been doubling my number of work-outs to prepare because this will be my first official 5k. 

Saturation Point

Photograph by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/AP

Powder-splattered, and powder-splattering, runners cross the finish line of the Color Run 5K in Irvine, California, on April 22. Each kilometer (0.6 mile) of the event features a color-pelting station dedicated to a single hue, culminating in the Pollock-esque riot at Kilometer 5.

The “magical color dust” is completely safe, organizers say, thought they admit it’s “surprisingly high in calories and leaves a chalky aftertaste.”

Why We Love It

“Vibrant color floating through the air automatically brings to mind festive Holi celebrations in India. We expect to see revelers in Mumbai, but instead find a surprise in the lower third of the frame—runners in California!”—Sarah Polger, senior photo editor

“There are a lot of eye-catching photographs of the festival of Holi in India that show colored powder in midair, but this particular situation has the people all lined up in a row—making it easy to see each of their very cinematic facial expressions.”—Chris Combs, news photo editor

Published May 4, 2012

via Pictures We Love: Best of April.



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