Alexa Meade masters old world techniques in a digital age

In the age of Photoshop just about anything can be created digitally from UFOs to complete paintings. But is digital painting really painting?

Vassar art alumna Alexa Meade, shown right, seems to not only go back to what it means to be an artist, but doing it without the aide of digital tools. Although this piece might look like an Adobe utilized creation it is definitely not.  Meade spends time painting her subjects, and their backgrounds, by hand with pigment instead of a sidebar menu.

The woman in the photo isn’t really holding up a canvas. She is the canvas. What makes Meade’s work so unique is that the entire piece is painted on the spot. I enough the rough strokes employed throughout her work. It highlights the traditional means of craftsmanship. It doesn’t look like a computer generated frame and I doubt it’s supposed to be perceived that way.

Even though the medium has been around for centuries Meade puts a fresh spin into her techniques. No loner does the photorealism of the Old Masters dominate today’s art galleries. Instead Meade draws from Expressionism made famous by artists such as Van Gogh and Munch. The lush, vivid hues starkly contrast the neutral abstractions so frightening common in hotels and business lobbies.

Meade’s work isn’t soulless. From the care in taken into drawing in the details it is obvious she is passionate about her work. It describes so clearly what we might believe the subjects to be like or at least the way the artist believes them to be.

Click here for more on ALEXA MEADE.



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