‘Princess Bride’ Cast Reunites on ‘Good Morning America’

Sometimes there are movies that are rather inconcievable. “Transformers” comes to mind. Then there are movies that grow into classics. “The Princess Bride” is one of those movies that achieves cult classic status. The flick is sharp, witty, funny, and full of swashbuckling action that puts over-the-top explosions to shame. Perhaps that is the film’s success: less is more. The movie is only about an hour and a half and is tightly paced. An audience can fall in love with the characters and wants to see them win. It’s one of those movies you can watch again and again, and holds a special place in my childhood.

Most of the cast of The Princess Bride reunited on Good Morning America for the talk show’s “Totally Awesome ’80s Week.”

The cast of 1987's "The Princess Bride" reunited this week to dicsuss the movie's enduring magic. (nola.com)

“When the movie came out, it wasn’t a huge, huge hit. They couldn’t quite figure out how to market it,” Chris Sarandon, who played Prince Humperdinck, said. “They didn’t really know what they had.” When the film first opened in 1987, it grossed $206,243 in limited release during its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

Cary Elwes, who played Westley, “I think when I die, they’ll say on my gravestone, ‘As you wish.’ I think every woman wants to hear that.” Wallace Shawn, who portrayed Vizzini, recalled people approaching him and wanting him to say, “Inconceivable.” Director Rob Reiner’s first choice for Vizzini was Danny DeVito.

The “MLT” line that Miracle Max says in the film, one of the most quoted, was ad-libbed on-set, Billy Crystal confirmed.

Peter Faulk (right) reads to Fred Savage in the opening sequence of "The Princess Bride." (20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection)

When asked about the final kiss at the end of the movie, Robin Wright, who played Buttercup, joked to Elwes, “Who are you?” The cast members also reminisced about Andre the Giant, who passed away in 1993.

Fred Savage and Mandy Patinkin were not present.
Watch the reunion below:

Check out more videos here.

‘Princess Bride’ Cast Reunites on ‘Good Morning America’ (Video) – Hollywood Reporter.


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