novum narrates printing processes without words

Despite the dire warnings of print is dying it isn’t going anywhere for a while. It’s just shifting. Print is getting more creative and becoming more of a fine art. Just look at this video on the making of the November issue of German/English magazine novum.

I really don’t want to know what the production cost for this cover totaled, but it sure is cool. The editorial staff walks the viewer through the entire process behind making the magazine cover narrating the short film with cheeky flair. The song has a few lyrics, but the lines blurred into oblivion for me because I was so absorbed in the footage. I was particularly inspired by the subtle jump cuts and loose depth of field which made shifting the focus easy. The colors felt rich and saturated in ways that only print can excel at producing.

Additionally, the editing was rather sublime especially for cutting a monthlong process into less than four minutes. I think what draws me most to this video however is that this is a mechanical version of what I did during my internship at the letterpress shop. It makes me nostalgic for  working with my hands all day and playing with impression, mixing various inks to get the correct hue and the pride in creating something without a computer.

via novum magazine


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