‘Cowboys & Aliens’ aptly named

Who would have thought that a movie featuring cowboys and aliens could be so good? Besides Joss Whedon of ‘Serenity’ that would be me. This movie has a little bit of everything, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For the second time Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford as hardass Dollarhyde) and James Bond (Daniel Craig kicking all kinds of ass as Jake Lonegran) come together to make a pretty cool action flick, but this time the enemies come from outer space. The story doesn’t get out of hand for combining the two genres, like say ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’ That was relieving, but like Skull has a strong female lead in the form of Olivia Wilde’s mysterious Ella who is so comfortable in the middle of the action she nearly always carries a gun. Sam Rockwell also stars.

The first half of the movie makes for a really great western. It has all the elements: a Clint Eastwood style man with no name, gunfights, fistfights, dynamite, Apache warriors and Mexican bandits, which makes the only thing missing is seeing the stage coach robbery that sets the whole story in motion. Throw in the aliens and the game changes, but not for the worst. Personally, I think it could have been a great western unto itself if they’d have ditched Steven Spielberg and his alien obsession. However, it’s still a great ride.

Here’s a featurette focusing on the story. If the coding doesn’t process then copy and paste the link. You won’t be disappointed.



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