December marks my movie madness

I can’t tell you how excited I am over a couple of movies that either have recently come out or won’t come out soon enough! By far the movie people are most excited about is Star Trek, and yet this teaser trailer hasn’t inspired me.

This trailer is making the next installment feel like Tom Cruise vehicle Mission Impossible which to me has the only redeeming value of Simon Pegg and I can find a better movie in which to watch him. Shaun of the Dead immediately comes to mind for a number of reasons. First because the next film I’m dying to see is about the undead! Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, is also digging into the zombie genre in a different way that most gore filled horror stories. In fact the movie is based off the book of the same name that features a back cover quote from Pegg himself calling the novel “mesmerizing” is enough for me to take interest but watch for yourself and see if you don’t immediately want to see it, too! It has action for the guys, romance for the girls, and best of all comedy!

The next two trailers tie. The Hobbit and The Great Gatsby need little introduction, but I’m leery of the final version of both films. How will The Hobbit fill up three movies? How well will Leonardo DiCaprio fill Robert Redford’s shoes? Can Toby Maquire make good use of his nerdy Peter Parker persona to win us over as Nick Carraway?

Like Gatsby Les Miserables is built on the basis of literary classic and debuts Christmas Day. The cast has mostly sold me on their singing talents, but there is no way I’m going to see this on Christmas. It’s too depressing to see on a holiday celebrating joy even if it is my favorite musical. I can wait ‘One Day More.’

Then there’s the best Bond movie ever made. Enough said.
I’ve got another tie on my hands, but this time it’s over what is on DVD. Want more hilarity like Shaun? Check out the completely insane comedy, Seven Psychopaths, about three friends who write a screenplay together. It’s a real gem of a movie featuring Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell being absolutely brilliant and even Colin Ferrell is pretty good. He’s so good he doesn’t even ruin anybody’s scenes. And well what else is there to say about Batman that I didn’t say earlier this week?
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