POD Organic Fire Bread

Who said bread bags had to be boring?

Many of the bags found in markets feature the same drab color palette and boring typefaces, but not this one.

Most notably the bright, bold colors pop off the traditional brown wrap used drawing the eye to the product. In particular the red lives up to the name Fire Bread but the red-orange shade does it in such a way that it isn’t cliche. The only thing out of place is the light blue on the other bag seems at odds with the fire scheme laid out by the earthy tones and warm hues.

Additionally the serif backs and balances the color. Its a strong, heavy typeface that delivers impact in support of the color choice by grouping the more intense visual elements into a single spot. The sharp type would appear to compete with the color but compliments the boldness with the flat black shade. The ligature is a nice touch for another layer of interest. The sans serif softens the the sharp features of the logotype completing the ensemble for a nice design a cut above the rest of the other grocery grains.

The only thing amiss is the unsightly black bar breaking the impact of the main design to add emphasis to the company logo. It looks like the logo could have stood alone in the spot in the same black as the type below.

POD Organic Fire Bread – TheDieline.com – Package Design Blog.


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