Emma Watson’s New Day

The last HP-Day draws near so this week’s theme features the famous fictitious boy wizard, and in honor of that I found this revealing article about the leading lady of the franchise.

It always seemed that I had quite a bit in common with Emma Watson, even though obviously we’ve never met. She loves literature, culture, and art: three of the four main things I’ve studied in college. She designs, paints, draws and constantly questions the world around her. She’s a go-getter like I am, but I don’t have a photographic posse awaiting me–I just run around town in the picture pack.

Vogue July 2011. Photo credit Mario Testino.

That is probably why she has never had a Britney Spears “Oops!” moment. Watson brings very real emotion to these movies, and what I find so endearing. I expect nothing but more great work from her in the future, both on screen and in her activism.

Vogue runs Amanda Foreman’s story when she lands the covetous spot of interviewing one of the most refreshing working actresses, and writes a winning piece in the process. Mario Testino photographs the shoot.

It’s the pixie-cut hair and flawless skin that give her away. Emma Watson is dressed unobtrusively in a cotton flower-print French Connection dress and beige sandals, but she is unmistakable. Fans have accosted her five times in the past half hour alone. Today is the actress’s twenty-first birthday, and she is determined to spend it as she pleases—which means a leisurely mid-morning latte followed by a stroll through the Joan Miró exhibition at London’s Tate Modern.

Emma ignores the stares and continues to chat animatedly about Miró’s willingness to take risks with his art. An avid painter herself—“I love it and have a need to do it”—she can talk eloquently about every picture on the wall. Her favorite is The Farm, a painting once owned by Ernest Hemingway that brought the artist his first taste of success outside Spain. What she admires, Emma tells me, is that Miró was both a draftsman and a painter, unafraid to combine these talents to create something that was simultaneously surreal and hyperreal.

Her words could just as well apply to what is happening around us. The increasingly febrile atmosphere is, frankly, terrifying as word filters through that Hermione Granger, Emma’s alter ego (who will make her final appearance in this month’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2), is in the building. A raucous band of teenagers turns around and heads straight toward her. “It’s time to go,” she says, and we head swiftly for the nearest exit. Outside, a photographer in a tree starts snapping away until she is inside the car and driving away.

Emma Watson’s New Day – Magazine – Vogue.

3 Responses to “Emma Watson’s New Day”
  1. Ah, this is amazing! I love Emma Watson and I love when people recognize her for more than just her HP role. Thanks for sharing.

    • amARTS&MEDIA says:

      Thanks girl! Glad you like it! And I hear you…just because she’s a leading star in a megablockbuster movie series she still seems like a girl next door in the way Natalie Portman did when she was making the Star Wars movies. For all the pressure that was put on these kids they came out squeaky clean. So Daniel Radcliffe drinks a little too much too often–doesn’t every twenty-something go through such a phase?

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