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Welcome to the first named edition of local legends! From now one I’m going to incorporate one project from peers, colleauges, or just plain competition located within the Birmingham metro area. There’s a lot more to this town’s art, design or media scenes and its about time someone showcased it! Unofficially the first edition can be found here under Floating Futures.

Even a used egg tray can be art. It is most certainly much like the 7 Eleven ads these take advantage of using one thing to create both type and imagery, but I think this campaign for Moss Rock Festival is a better example of the trend.

The Moss Rock Festival is a weekend event combining art, music, crafts, performance, and the promotion of living with the environment in mind seated at the base of the Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, Ala. What a great way to depict this culmination of ideas than to collect scraps of crafting and art supplies with which to create the copy.

They took the existing tree design and incorporated it into the DIY style giving the entire brand an appropriately indie style. Indeed much of the music played at Moss Rock is not really rock so this change gives a little more clarity to the campaign. Like Reedicus’s Avett Brothers poster the aesthetic choices Housholder made reflects the style of the performers. Crafting a visual style to convey all these elements, make sense, and be interesting enough to draw attention is a pretty demanding task, but she rose to the challenge and it looks like it all came up roses! I think Moss Rock has roses, right?

Who said you had to be a big firm to win big? It certainly wasn’t me, and this design collective claimed some pretty high stakes. From Scratch Design Art Director Kelly Housholder got a Gold Addy for her efforts.

via Moss Rock Festival : From Scratch Design.

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  1. Thanks! Working on the MossRock campaign last year was the highlight of my summer/fall. It was such a fun project. I’m actually working on the 2011 campaign right now (literally, it is open in Indesign!). This year I’ve gathered a handful of really talented Birmingham Creatives to work on the campaign. We’re meeting tomorrow to flesh things out. Email me if you want to join us.
    Kelly Housholder

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