Microbiologist makes art out of alcohol

It’s not often alcohol makes for a pretty picture, but for this microbiologist booze makes the best subject. Look at how beautiful these molecules become when photographed.

According to the scientists behind the project, these images are generated from polarizing light through the drink while it is on a microscopic slide. Basically, they have taken photographs of the crystalized liquid with th ecamera mounted to the eyepiece of microscope. The results are pretty spectacular.

Florida State University chemistry researcher Michael Davidson pioneered photographic microscopy in 1992, and since then has revolutionized the way images are captured at such small sizes. The prints featured here have been magnified 1000 times.

Residing somewhere between tye-dye and fractals these brilliant array of jewel tones are quite amazing at which to look. Coming from soeone who’s career constantly includes Photoshop its not a surprise to me to know the images have been polarized, but that the images have been captured this way rather than manipulated gives the prints a different perspective. I am drawn to the dreamlike qualities of the work. The captiviating way the colors blend into one another across the page is the biggest draw. Despite the magnification the images retain a sense of fluidity rather like a watercolor painting, but the hues are to rich for the medium. Its a rather great merge between art and science.

Chemist Lester Hutt founded the company that sells these prints after he spent his career looking for life on Mars for NASA and part of Apple’s team that created the iPod. These prints can be purchased for $20 and up at BevShots.

If It’s Hip, It’s Here: The Beauty Of Booze: Alcohol Molecules As Art.

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