If you’re a designer and you don’t like Steven Heller then you might be in the wrong profession. Yesterday he tackled typefaces. Enjoy the snippet. Type fashions come and go, but the Western alphabet and Arabic numerals are here to stay. Correspondence lettering schools were for a long time, during the 20th century, the keepers … Continue reading

Food fights in Washington leave many families famished

It’s an election year here in America and there’s an elephant in the room. That doesn’t include the clumsy Republican elephant icon. The prices on food continues to rise despite the high unemployment rate. In the meantime the Oxfam America kicked off this new nonpartisan campaign.

An Interview with Steven Heller

If you’ve ever read a graphic design book chances are it was edited by Steven Heller. He runs a daily graphic blog that served as a great inspiration for Arts & Media. If his name sounds unfamiar have you heard of How, Print or Communication Arts? They’re some pretty cool publications, but if you’re a graphic … Continue reading