Priez gets the lead out of lettering

Welcome to the ninth edition of Theoretical Thursdays this summer. For the previous article click here. This week takes a look at a French freelance type designer.  Calligrapher and type designer Julien Priez lettered a series of compositions in 2011 based around the idea of The Boogy Paper. This followed his success the year before when he graduated with an … Continue reading

OrangeYouGlad I didn’t say Boo?!

I know people always assume “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving, or at least in America, but really it starts with Halloween. No joke. You can’t just expect to find cranberry sauce the day before the Turkey Day–so here are the holidays starting October 1–complete with an advent calendar. Here we get a glimpse of creepy … Continue reading

Orée du Bois brings Belgium wine to the table

Look at this label. It’s well-done branding like this that makes it hard to swallow wineries going to tap. It’s sleek and simple like many other good Belgian designs. The type and color palettes are appropriately limited. There is a single typeface using a thinner, probably book, weight and the highlights are bold and in … Continue reading

Word as Image

Because its too nasty out do anything outside today this week’s Friday Fun is a typographic challenge: turn a word into an image. Here are some examples from the creators of the book Word as Image. Word as Image – YouTube.

Painter Kureshi creates type by hand

Todays edition of Friday fun features the digitalization of hand painted letters. Design ‘historians’ are documenting and archiving the text, most of which is as simple as street signs and India’s equivalent of a billboard. All of this must done on a tight timescale as the paintings fade or the buildings come down. via Painter … Continue reading

Harajuku Performance

This week’s edition of Friday fun sees a superbly illustrated video on type design. It fascinates me as to how they blended the letterforms together to create the shapes. I nearly always like it when a designer employs text as image, because it takes quite a bit of practice to assemble type in such a … Continue reading

Z is for Ziggurat

Today’s post comes in a little late, but for good reason. It’s been so rainy today I haven’t ben able to shoot the pictures until now. Take a look at my metalsmithing final I turned in this week. We established last month that I’m more like to use a font from the Hoefler type foundry … Continue reading