Take a page from Page Three Hundred’s playbook

I love successful design. It’s why I packed my bags (and boxes) and moved in sunny central Florida to be a Gator! I’m currently halfway through my first year in the masters of fine art program in…drum roll please…graphic design. How’d you know?! Today I present to you Page Three Hundred via The Dieline. This … Continue reading

Vintage Packaging: Halloween Goodies

How awesome is it that we’re still celebrating this holiday? I’m still counting down the days with these handy Halloween Advent Calendars! I mean sure it’s a pagan custom. And sure it’s marketed mainly by candy and cheap costume-making companies. But tell me it’s not a fun party and I’ll give it up. I bet … Continue reading

Half Moon Orchard Gin sails smoothly

Clear bottles seems like a no-brainer for clear liquids–and even some colored ones. Designing for clear bottles creates some unique challenges. I think Fahrenheit 212 handled the copy well. Just from this shrunken photo it appears all the type is easily read, except for maybe the bottling and distribution lines. What’s important is the copy … Continue reading

The Dieline discusses “The Unsung Hero of Design”

Why is the art of brand design the unsung hero of the design world? We live in a culture that is more creative than ever before. The man on the street is probably more hard-wired into an appreciation of creativity and its power to transform than ever before. Fashion, architecture, product design are not just … Continue reading

Totally Tubular! General Mills boxes reemerge from the 80s

Just when it seems safe there’s a flashback to Flashdance. The Dieline dug up these cereal containers to show that sometimes good things never die and others are too trendy to take over. How many have actually seen, let alone played, an Atari? And yet it was all the rage until this little box called … Continue reading

Tea bags the Christmas spirit

These little tea bags have been designed to be rather genius. The cookie cutter shape protrudes from the top of the box in a nice shade of green. The neat part is that the shape of the cutout at the base of the tree. This forms a slit to hang the bag on the side … Continue reading